Saturday, May 3, 2008

I think i should officially get the bad bloger award, but it was just that my life wasn't to exciting being at home, and i didn't want to bore anyone to tears!! Anyway im finally back up at school and ir's so exciting!! It's feels kinda weird to be back up here though cause most of our friends are on missions or off track. It's ok though. Anyway my ward is great and my FHE brothers are way fun...some interesting!!! Today we went to this really cool lake that was in the middle of the sand dunes it only got to about your knees in depth but it was really wide so you could just walk across it.
My classes are way intense this semester. but I really enjoy them all. I'm taking anat and Phys, Chem 101, Intro to lit, College writing and a career exploration class. I reallly like all the classes i'm taking there intense, but really fun, and all my teachers are wonderful. Rate my professor is amazing and i highly recomend it!! umm and i think thats about it. Ohh and i was going to play on the competitive soccer team here, but then some guys came over and they need girls to play in our ward team and that sounds like way more fun, cause i guess everyone gets way into it and makes shirtd and stuff, so it will be way fun.
This is lindsay and i driving up. We fit all our stuff in a honda civic!!! i know your inpressed!!!
Me and lindsay getting ready to go out...i pretty much love her!!! haha
Brittany and Lindsay getting ready. Brittany is on the meso america tour right now. I'm so jealous! I can't wait for her to come back, we always have tons of fun!!
This is at the really shallow lake with Whitney, me, Lindsay, and Garret one of our FHE bro's.
So i braided lindsay's hair like that and it looks so cool, but i cant do a french braid to myself so it kinda sucks!!! so im making lindsay lindsay learn how!!!! cause it's way cute!!