Monday, October 1, 2007

So Brittany and I decided we were way hugry at 12 at we made tacos!!! they were so yummy and they were even better cause it was at 12:30...well 12:29, but whos counting. Anyway ths past week has been so much fun. I wen to a bonfire in the dunes with Whitney, Wendy, and Chelsea. It was so much fun. Then i woke up saturday morning and it was snowing....i couldnt believe it!! it as snowing in september. but it didnt stick, but it was so cold!!! Im a wimp!!!
Then we went to DI with whitney clint caleb ammon and G. While we were there Whitney and I decided it would be funny to try on some pretty ugly dresses!!!! oh man those things were rank looking!!! i hope no one wore them seriously no matter what decade the were in... mine looks like a sack with ruffles. whitneys isn't as bad as mine was.
midnight taco time
SNOW..but you can't really tell...but i promise it was snowing
being retards in the car
whitney and my super sexy dresses
I attacked happens lol
oh and Kyle you would be proud of me. I've been watching FOOTBALL. I know im your favorite little sister what can i say. and i can throw a spiral. I'm pretty much a profesional now!! I Think the raiders are gunna sign me to be their QB. They keep calling me It's kinda getting anoying now!!