Monday, November 26, 2007


So i came home from psychology class today super hungry cause i didnt eat breakfast, and i hade some chicken marinading in the frige from sunday so it was gunna be simply divine. so i pulled out the chiken and put it inpan to broil it in the oven....yum i know. But i didnt have a broiling rack so i made one out of foil. So i pop it in the oven and im getting all excited and i go and get some corn out of the freezer and i turn around and theres tons of smole coming out of the oven. so i open up the windows and then walk back over to check on the chicken andthe pan had a huge flame coming of the side of it. So there i am staring in the oven kinda laughing and yelling that the ovens on fire and then it starts to grow cause of the oxygen. So lindsay was sitting in the living room and she got up and grabed the fire extiguisher and put out the fire in the oven. it was so funny though...we were like on the floor laughing. But we had to run out side cause the fumes from the fire extinguisher made it so we couldn't breath. So that was my exciting story for the day...probubly my most exciting story for the whole year.

our oven after the incident

me and lindsay

Thanksgiving Break

Nate and Dad after Thanksgiving Dinner. I have an interesting family i know
It was so good to be home I had a blast. The first night I went up to Riverside to visit Paula at UC Riverside with Amanda lexy and samantha. It was alot of fun. and then i just hung out around home and stuff. the most important part was a watched the second season of 24 the most amazing show of my life.....(im SLIGHTLY addicted!!!) And I hung out with friends it was nice and thanksgiving dinner was amazing...infact im still full from it!!

Me and Bekah

Sunday, November 11, 2007


here are a whole bunch of pictures from the past while
LIndsay Taverneer and me
Lindsay and me at payless with fun boots on...dress up time
Andy, Me and Jordan at their apartmant
Guitar Hero!!!
Me, Lindsay Grant and Brittany Large
Ward Hallloweeen Party
MartinellisEmily died!!!
I got kinda bored after church
Ammon's birthday party
Lindsay Tavernear and Me
i gave her a big smooch on the cheek...isnt that atractive!!!

Preference Dance

Tonight was the prefernece dance. I Had a blast i was Ariel wich was way fun and Clint (my date) was prince eric. We had alot of fun. dinner was amazing Emily made it and it was supurb!!! the music kinda atunk. they say its the top 40...but i think its probubly the top 40 that doesn't get played...but oh well we had fun. We had dinner at my apartmant with Jordan, Emily, Clint and Me. Oh and for dessert we had chocolate suffle. Then we went to the dance and meet up with our friends Roxanne and Chance. They were so much fun to hang out with. Then we came back to my and emily's apartmant (cause were neighbors). And we sat outside just talking about random stuff. Then the RA comes out and she locked the first gate, so the boys got up to leave out the other gate. and she Q'd me...grrr!!!! That means no boys in the doorm for a lame. So then they went home. and now im doing this well a couple of hours of girl talk in between, but we won't get into that. So now im off to bed....well actually ill probubly stay up talking. Thats what usually happens. Emily and her amazing food
Pocahantas(Emily Beech) and John Smith(Jordan Price

me..and a dinglehopper
Clint(Eric) Me(Ariel...DUHH)
Us again
the girls
the group

P.S sorry for not updating in a long time....ive been super busy!!!!