Friday, May 29, 2009


Ive been back from egypt for about a week.....but in my defense of not blogging sooner I've had school, and Ive had to do laundry....haha anyway here are some pictures from EGYPT!!!!

This is in the Luxor Temple. It is a picture of people belly dancing...and I thought I would give it a try!!!

We hiked Mt Sinai on our last day in Egypt. It was great!!! We had to wake up at 2:00 in the morning (which was not the high light) and drive to the base of the mountain and hicked up to the top, and with my luck the battery on my flashlight did within about 40 min. So i hiked alot of it with Trisha, who's battery on her flashlight was also about to give out....but we made it up. The view from the top was amazing!!!! The colors when the sun rose were so vivid!!!!Orange and red and blue.

This is on top of Mt Sinai.....all the other pictures I look NASTY!!!!! so here is one I like, cause you can't see my face.

Here are some of the girls in front of the Alabaster mosque in Cairo

For those who didnt know I have a twin.........I know were identical!!! Its like the parent trap all over again!!! haha

Here we are on a feluca ride across the nile over to our camel ride.
Jessica, Danny, Me, Kyle, Mandie

This is in The Valley of the Kings In Luxor, It was so cool! It is were most of the Pharohs are barried, along with King Tutankamon whos tomb we got to go in, it was so cool.


This is were the Papyrus was found that Joseph Smith Translated into Abraham. That was fun to go see. the guards there were really funny about us going down there, Cause it isnt really a tourist sight for most. but it was fun and I got a picture so I was excited!!!!

Rachel and I in front of the pyramids (side note: the guy in the white shirt is in the background of a ton of my pictures....GRRR)

Amelia, Mary Kate, Monica and Me in the RED SEA!!!!!

Caryn, Me, Emily and Mandi in Cairo in front of the sphinx and a PYRAMID!!!!

Really cool arches in anchient ruins on our way to Egypt

Over all Egypt was great!!! I hade a blast and loved the experience!! The bathrooms were NASTY!!!!! I never really felt clean, and luckily our hotels were really nice so i was able to feel clean right before bed....and that was about it. We had lots of fun experiences like a dance party in the Hard Rock Cafe, swiming, diping my foot in the nile, camel ride. I LOVED IT ALL
I did have 3 bad things happen.......
1) I left my I-pod at the hotel in Luxor
2) I left my amazing Papyrus on the train
3) I broke the only sandal that I can wear in the center...that was BAD!!!

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