Friday, May 8, 2009

Im a lucky girl!!!!

How did I get so Lucky??? I ask my self that everymorning. I still feel like im living a dream.

During my very short experience so far I think I have grown more as a person and a Daughter of God than ever before. I have been able to recieve greater understanding of many different things in my life. I fell so blessed to be here where the savior performed his minestry
This is the castle I live in!!!!!!
A group of us went to Zedikiahs Cave. Ther were soo cool!!!!! We wished we would have brought flashlights to go exploring.
This is the view from the Rampart Walk of the Old City
In rouins underneath what the city is today

Me and My Roomate Alyssa out side Damascus Gate. Later on in the day the streets and steps get filled with people selling stuff. Its crazy!!!! Ill Have to get a picture of it on another day

Megan, me and Mary Lu in front of the white building which is where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept. The Previous day we had a seminar taught by Brother Andrew Skinner who is a religious genious and also my Ancient Near Easter Studies teacher.

this is a picture of ruins of what used to be homes near the temple.
I think this is one of my favorite pictures so far. I found this while exploring in the Old City
This is a view from up above on the Rampart Walk. Jaffa Gate Is Directly In Front of me, Which is the main enterence from West Jerusalem into the Old City

The incredible view from my balcony at sun set

Today is Saturday which is the Sabbath in the Holy Land, so we had church (I have a calling, Im in the nursery!!!!) and then we went over to the Garden Tomb. As we were walking up to the Garden Tomb the streets were busy and filled with many people selling things it was very loud and there was alot of comotion. We then walked down a long walkway into the entrance of the garden Tomb. After we entered the Garden Tomb I felt calm and peaceful. we walked in and went directly down to the tomb its self. It felt so surreal seeing it and being there. I had seen pictures before and everything but I couldnt believe I was here, even though I was counting down the days. Then our guide took us over to see Calvery and It was just amazing to be there!!!!! After we were finished with the tour I found a quite place to sit and read. After I finished reading I went over and sang a few hymns with some of the girls in our group. As we were singing "How Great thou Art" I couldnt help but to cry I am so amazed at this world and all the Lord does for me every day. I am truly blessed. Then everyone left and Karen and I wanted to sing one more hymn "Lead Kindly Light" So we stayed for a few extra minutes. There was a group on a tour walking next to us while we were singing and we talked them for a little bit when we were done they were great.I love meeting people here both the tourists and the natives. Then Karen and I noticed that there was no one in the Garden Tomb at that time so we walked down and spent some time in the tomb I could not believe that this was where The Saviors Body was laid to rest and I was here. I was once again overewheled and started crying. Its not what is in the Tomb but what isnt in the Tomb. "Rejoice for the Savior is Risen" As I was standing in the tomb I began to look at the walls the rock I was looking at was the same rock the apostles of old and Mary Jesus's mother and Mary Magdalene touched. I am just so overwhelmed at being here and what I am doing here. I am so greatful for this opertuniy and im enjoying everysecond of it!!!!

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B Large said...

ALI!! I am so glad you are having an awesome time and that you are keeping us posted. I should follow your example. I seriously can't wait to here all of your stories (and that is not just my being nice). You have posted so great pics. keep em coming.