Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We got to go to Jericho on Monday and it was so much fun!!!! We say Zachaeous Tree, The lowest point on earth, the oldest place on earth, and a really cool monestary that was built on the side of a mountain into a cave. I had a blast!!!!

This is our group in front of Judean Desert

This is a cave in Jericho along the Mt of Temptation
To enter the Monestary all the girls had to have their heads covered to show respect. So we wore these little beauties

This is my climing around in ruins of what used to be Harod the Greats Winter Palace where He Died

This is a view from a tiny little patio on the side of the monestary you can kind of get an idea of how high up the monestary was. It was a pretty good walk!!!

Kristen and I after we walked up to the doors of the monestary.....a little sweaty!!!!
This is a really cool fountain in Jericho near where the ruins from the wall tumbling down are.

Some of us girls by the fountain.... the picture taker got the wrong angle....oh well
Me in front of the ruins where the wall came tumbling down....its kinda hard to see

The beautiful city of Jericho. If you look the other way you would think why would people want to settle here, its a dry dessert, then you turn around and see the beautiful city with all the farms and plants everywhere!!

We also went to the Zoo on Sunday (HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!) and we had a blast. It wasnt a super big zoo, but it was a good half day activity! After the Zoo we had the bus driver drop us off by the old city so we could cruise around and then walk home from there
I thought this was the most bizare thing....i had to take a picture of it, it was randomly inside the zoo....WEIRD!!!

I just couldn't resist climbing this tree....who could!?!?

this is the VERY SCARY BIRD i got attacked by......

We just had Forum a few hours age, and for forum today Governor Huntsman from Utah came and spoke to us and we got to chat with him for a while. We also got to hear from the Attorney General of Utah who was one of the Key players in getting the Jerusalem Center re-opened. It was great to have them here today

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Beth said...

Al..your pictures are awesome! I'm so proud of you for posting so many - yaaaahooo!!!! :) I'm so excited for you to be having this experience..and a little jealous. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you'll be so glad you went :) And, when you get back... there might be a little baby with your name waiting to see you... ;) love you!